The power of the human brain

[uvc-youtube id=”VQ5zoZB0hdg” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″] The power of the human brain is not fully realized.

The power of the human brain–The Most Incredible Evolutionary Machine Ever to Exist.

The subconscious brain.

The term “brain” brings up various thoughts, images and understanding, uncannily the brain was processing information commands and data from the moment before and after you decided to browse the internet for information, and when your eyes pointed at the previous question; what is brain food?  Then you read this article.

The brain seems to be two steps ahead of all our conscience thoughts, a chemical powered processor where information is transferred through nerves and neurons.  However, it is not a master over the will, but rather a humble obedient servant in the background, intelligent, dynamic, and alert day and night at a scale that only the data processing brain may experience.  The ultimate goal of the brain seems to be two fold; to keep all of the various physical systems operating as a unit, and to be a radar control center that directs actions and commands for survival, above all else.

The power of the human brain to change human nature.

As humans become more conscious, with self control, then it would seem natural that the results of their scientific findings will be more rewarding and enlightening.  Technology has been shaping and changing the human brain since the; Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and the Information Age.  It is the preoccupation with tools that changes mans mind to think more in line with the tools that he/she is preoccupied with.

Unlike the other wild animals, birds or the fish of the Seas, it is the humans that are so busy always working with their tools.  While animals are grazing and resting during the daylight hours of the day, humans are busy competing with each other on the business/work front, out doing each other, or doing a service to others.

The power of the human brain is being harnessed to make better tools that are more efficient.

The early Silk Route was a revolution in the Global International community sense, the Industrial revolution brought about change that was mechanical in nature.  Then there was the W.W.1 and W.W.2, which put the factory industries capacity into a new hyper drive, with many new inventions being brought on line.  Since then it has been about global consumer marketing and business.  The power of the human brain is often being used to outwit the competition, to bring new products that appear more slick and clever, or maybe they are more practical, affordable improved versions of the previous models.

The power of the human brain for mating purpose.

The power of the human brain is also used in the mating games, even the birds and the animals use it to impress the potential partner to win over the others with a show of prowess.  Bright colored feathers, a dance, decorated nest, physical size, fighting spirit, boldness, brute force, cunning, a sense of humor.  A stallion, or maybe a flashy car on a car parade with the driver of a 350, V.8 mustang, wearing an Indian chief head gear, while playing the beach boys CD with a big smile on his face.

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