The mind of a child

The mind of a child develops through Accommodation of assimilation. The Brain: How Children Development When we talk about child development, we address several domains of a child..

It turns out that the mind of a child has intuitive ability to learn much earlier than most would expect.

The mind of a child also has a capacity to learn new concepts is greater than expected, if the environment allows it , but linguistic  teaching requires accommodation either by doing or watching others do it followed by assimilation.

The mind of the child begins to learn visual observation, audible sounds, how to consume food and drink, nurture from the parents, interacting with others, and reasoning skills in the first years of life.

The mind of a child has to learn almost everything about their physical existence, step by step.

The challenges to their physical existence are many; gravity is a constant force, and they must learn how to master it and make good use of it.  Around 12 months most children have come to terms with the basics of standing upright.  To the mind of the child it is a brand new experience, the world around them, may seem clouded and foggy at the distance, with no understanding of what is beyond their very limited line of sight.

Wiring of the brain, to the nerves, and to the muscles.

To the mind of the child the challenge of learning to use all of the four limbs; to walk and crawl, to explore and play, to search and wonder.  For all of the wiring of the brain, and nerves to the muscles, the actions need to be willfully acted out like a string puppet, before the movements become installed in the muscle memory and the movements become more like second nature.





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