Decisions, decisions, decisions everyday and everywhere to be made with various consequences.

Decision making process is a vital part of decision making that determines which is the right decision and what is the best decision at the given time with the available information, visit…

Decisions, decisions, decisions can be fun and exciting, especially when shopping

What would be more fun that having the resources to select items off the shelf of a supplier any time there was a need to add one more to a collection.  Or maybe even moe fun to be grocery shopping with a list three feet long for all the healthy and nutritious food items.  Which ever is more fun and exciting in shopping then fact is that decisions are really important mechanism for getting things done and to be able to meet the supply of the demand.  Especially in the customer service, maybe the customer knows what they want, or what they need, but they don’t always know what is available and on offer, so then the customer service job is to sort out all of the options and to communicate to the customer how the items vary from one another, and what are the specs and features of the products.

Decisions making can be easy peasy as one two three

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