Decision process

Decision process

Decision process is a function of the will to execute directives in the cognitive mind. Decision making optimized is a logical process based on facts. This video introduction video is Copyright protected.

By the decision process we become the people that we become, over time.

Decision making is a process and decisions are the building blocks of life. Each day is made up of hundreds of selective decisions.
Decision making is not always made at the conscious level, as the daily tasks become more of a routine then the decisions are often made habitually. The decision making process can be conscious and refined, each person has set their own level or a standard that they feel comfortable as part of their natural environment.
Humans can evaluate and reflect on the decision that they have made, whether they were the best decisions or if they made a mistake in the decision making process.

Decision process
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A good decision is when there is no regrets aftermath, because it was the best decision at the given time.

Wrong decisions usually become evident with time, business decisions need to optimize so that there is a maximum gain and minimum loss in energy, resources and spending. There is real deal survey statistic in critical analytic’s of business decision making made by the AMI survey, that 50% of business decisions are put into the wrong decisions category.

Decision process can be a creative process that builds for the future.

It is important to learn a reliable rock solid process in decision making. Using a list of ideas as a tool in the decision making process. The creative path to a solution is found with the help of a list of ideas. Creative decision making allows the brain to invent new links, leads, structures and concepts.
Having a handle of a clear process in decision making allows you to improve your decision making outcomes. It is important to focus on the process of decision making and not so much on the decision itself, when confronted with a problem that demands action.  See this link to training resources in decision making process.
Human beings can evaluate and reflect on the decision that they have made in the past, whether they were the good decisions, or whether they were bad decisions, it is also called as “reflection”. Intuition has its role in the decision making process. Good decision making brings in logic with intuition. Evaluating a problem analytically, looking at it logically but these alone may not reveal the core of the problem, so creativity can be used to animate the issue, to expand a list of ideas that open up the range of possibilities.

Humans have the ability to second guess the decision that they have made.

The goal of this course in decision making is to introduce a logical sequence to the decision making process, so that decision making can be made with confidence.

Here are some important objective points:

  1. To have the confidence of knowing that you made the best choice.
  2. Know when you made the best decision.
  3. You can at least know that you made the best decision.
  4. How to make a confident decision.
  5. A confident decision maker also has the courage to act.

And knowing after the decision has been made that it still stands, there are no regrets, because it was the best decision at the given time.
After a decision has been made and whatever the outcome was, the process of the decision making should have been made on; reliable information, true facts, personal values, business interests and objective goals, and then it is in line with the overall business policy . If there are no values, then there are no objective goals for decision making and the outcomes can easily become a simple drift and flow manifestation of indecisive fatalism.
Decision making is a skill that can be improved and refined with the right education and training, it does also require self discipline and self control; some people may be impulsive and make moves without any consideration for the sequential outcome. Making a right decision is a skill that can be learned, trained and reinforced so that it becomes second nature as part of the personality trait.  See Decision training video from here.

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