Antioxidants maintain brain

Antioxidants maintain brain like a rust inhibitor

Antioxidants maintain brain to prevent the oxidization process taking place. The Oxidization process is unpreventable without antioxidants, because the body does oxizide naturally, even if not adding extra harm, or speeding up the process, by consumption of toxins. Toxins can come from many sources, it can be the environment, like motor sport arenas, dense pollution hubs in Mega cities, or even small town automobile traffic congestion, service stations, road traffic etc, but it can build up over time and become a real problem.

Toxins can also be consumed by over cooking animal fats, or even olive oil.  The over heating of fats and oils can changes the nature of the fat/oil, turning it toxic, and connection to oxidization. Toxins are also consumed by smoking cigarettes, and alcohol.  Toxics that cause oxidization can also be in the over processing of foods and preservatives. Artificial food colors, soft drinks and more.

Antioxidants maintain brain
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Healthy daily odose of antioxidants

Healthy dose of antioxidants daily ensures that what ever damage may be taking place in the body naturally, is reversed by the antioxidants, at least managed and controlled. A healthy body diet of green vegeatables and broght colored fruit and vegetables are two groups of antioxidant food groups.  Antioxidant foods for the brain are Vitamin C, vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, and vitamin A.  Antioxidants are essential for a healthy body and mind, the brain does age over time, free radicals, unstable molecules or atoms, that occur in the body are part of the problem of oxidization.  When free radical meet with oxygen, the result is ruit like oxidative damage to the brain.  Antioxidants reduce that damage, and keep the brain agile, and prevents uneccessary speeding up of the aging process.

The Brain is hungry for healthy diet

The human brain represents only 2% of the body weight, but demands 20% of the resting metabolism. The mind of the body has the biggest demand for constant energy.  Blueberries, bilberries, raisins, red grape skin, pomegranates, spinach, swiss chard, help to maintain the body in a state of natural health harmony.  Good feeling hormones follow, serotonin, dopamine.  It is said about fruit and vegetables that the darker the color the higher is the antioxidant content, so it is adviced to select fruit and vegetables with a keen eye for quality, becauce the the color is telling.  The old saying, is your brain getting rusty? is not far fetched.

The pleasant comforting Antioxidant foods

Antioxidants are also found in concentration form in both coffee and DARK chocolate,  2-3- cups of coffee per day is sufficient, and 1 ounce of dark chocolate per day can be described moderate consumption.

Omega 3 fatty acids

The Omega 3 fatty acids are primary building blocks of healthy brain tissue, they are found in cold water fish like salmon, macherel, sardines, a good brain diet is basically a good well balanced body diet.

Antioxidants maintain brain for  a healthy happy life, to consume antioxidants should be a part of a regular eating habit, food at best is natural, tasty and healthy, learn how to eat healthy every time for the health of the mind sake.

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